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July 16, 2017

Drive By

Got "Woo'ed" at from a car passing by, moments after getting catcalled by a mysterious source (see story titled "Ghost Harasser").
July 16, 2017

Ghost Harasser

Even in "nice" neighborhoods... I was walking down the street and a catcall came at me from somewhere. Didn't even see the person (also didn't really stop and look around for the source for obvious reasons...I was walking around in a neighborhood alone and didn't see anyone else nearby).
July 16, 2017

Hollaback! Bundle

Decided to go on a nice, long walk from Ballard to the REI store in South Lake Union. Along the way, I got catcalled, leered at, and "Heyy'ed" at least 3 times. Some man at a gas station that I passed between Ballard and Fremont also said, "I never seen nothin' like that..." as I walked by. Figured I'd just bundle them all into one story...


Was that Street Harassment?

It’s hard to share your story about street harassment if you don’t know that you’ve experienced street harassment. So, here’s a handy article from that helps define it.┬áThere is not yet an official, standardized definition, but here are a few, each of which is correct: Definitions   Here are just a few examples of … Continued