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October 5, 2021

Harassed @ Husky Rail Station

I was rapidly approached by a man at the husky stadium rail station on 10/3/21 and my husband stepped between us before he could hurt me. He was very aggressive and I have no idea what set him off or what his intentions were. Following my husbands intervention he immediately asked him what he was doing, the man proceeded to become very aggressive and threatened to seriously harm him. We…
September 13, 2021

Harassment at T.S. McHugh

I'm sharing this story on behalf of someone else. This person went out to a bar with her coworkers after a shift at the restaurant they work at. She'd changed clothes before meeting up with them, and one of the male coworkers made a comment about how he "wished she dressed more like that at work, because she looks so much better/hotter." I hope they are able to get this…
September 13, 2021

Harassed in Belltown

I attended a show in Belltown by myself (because that's something a woman should be safe to do without issue). After the show I went outside to order a Lyft back home, but the Lyft app would not load. I guess my phone had a bad connection in the area. After trying many times, I finally started to just walk in the direction of home and hope that the app…


Light Rail: Harassed & Stalked

I used to take the light rail and bus in Seattle to get to work. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t experience catcalling. One time a guy followed me in his car from the light rail station all the way to my apartment. That wasn’t even the crazy part either. That particular day I … Continued

Queen Anne CVS- bus stop

At my usual morning bus stop, I saw a man leer at me out of the corner of my eye and thought I heard him say something to me. Once I was farther away I looked back and saw him staring. Another man was also there with him. Fast forward a couple minutes and the … Continued

Leave My Ass Alone

There is a homeless shelter very close to where live that I pass by every day. Often, I get leers and comments about my body from the men hanging around outside of it as I pass. Today, one of them said, “damn, look at that ass” and I decided I’d had enough. I’d previously held … Continued