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West Woodland
September 23, 2017

A Girl Walks Home Alone at…

9/22/17 I was walking home around 8:30 on a Friday night in Ballard, and as I passed the O'Reilly Auto Parts on 15th, some guy in the parking lot started yelling "hello" at me. I kept walking, saying to myself that I was going to let this one go, just keep walking and carry on with my life. But as I did, he kept yelling "hello" and something else I…
West Seattle
August 5, 2017

Harassed near Fred Meyer, Ballard

Was walking back home from the Fred Meyer on 45th, and had to cross through a side street that had several cars and RV's parked on it. As I walked by a guy sitting in his car, he said, "Hey baby" or something like that. I turned around and flipped him off and kept walking. But as I did, another guy from an RV parked across the street started walking…
July 29, 2017

Followed and Touched in Broad Daylight

So, I'm browsing kinokuniya waiting for some friends. I notice at the corner of my eye a man looking over at me multiple times. I try to shake off the annoyance and went to the magazine section. I'm reading a magazine when in the reflection of the magazine stand, I see the same man again. He's pretending to look at the POP figurines, but I keep my eyes glued to…


Was that Street Harassment?

It’s hard to share your story about street harassment if you don’t know that you’ve experienced street harassment. So, here’s a handy article from that helps define it.┬áThere is not yet an official, standardized definition, but here are a few, each of which is correct: Definitions   Here are just a few examples of … Continued