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Lower Queen Anne
August 5, 2018

Racha- Lower Queen Anne

Today I was walking past Racha (Thai restaurant) in lower Queen Anne, and a guy standing outside of it loudly said, “Good morning!” to me. I turned and looked to glare at him, because I knew it wasn’t a “good morning” greeting that he gives everyone. It’s one he gives to girls walking by themselves down the street to grab their attention. Whenever I tell people about these, “it’s not…
Maple Leaf
August 3, 2018

Indecent Exposure

I was returning to my car in the parking lot of my pharmacy, midday, and a man parked next to me called out. He was disabled and he asked me to assist him in putting his wheelchair together. It looked like he had his car and wheelchair set up so that he could put it together easily. But he was obviously disabled and it was daylight, so of course I…
Lower Queen Anne
July 31, 2018

Continuous Harassment- DESC Shelter

Another day, another time getting harassed outside the homeless shelter by my house. I understand that the men who stay there come from all different levels of privilege and education and in some cases, mental ability. But I strongly feel that if they're able to target a female walking alone in front of them and harass her, they're capable of knowing better or being educated to know better. As of…


Leave My Ass Alone

There is a homeless shelter very close to where live that I pass by every day. Often, I get leers and comments about my body from the men hanging around outside of it as I pass. Today, one of them said, “damn, look at that ass” and I decided I’d had enough. I’d previously held … Continued

Was that Street Harassment?

It’s hard to share your story about street harassment if you don’t know that you’ve experienced street harassment. So, here’s a handy article from that helps define it. There is not yet an official, standardized definition, but here are a few, each of which is correct: Definitions   Here are just a few examples of … Continued