Berri’s Story: Saw it coming

This was one of those situations where you see the group of guys walking down the street toward you, and you just KNOW harassment is coming. They passed a couple walking by, heckled them a little, and then as they passed me, I got “the faces”- the lip-licking, eye-you-up-and-down faces with no regard to the fact that you’re a living human being.

I locked eyes with one and yelled “what?” as they kept walking, and then I yelled “have some respect, asshole.”

Of course, my response just triggered laughs and a mocking “oooh snap!” from them as they got farther away.

Responding to harassment often leaves me feeling even smaller and more helpless than before. Wish I could figure out a solution that actually felt like it would make them think twice before harassing someone on the street.

Another thing that’s always hurtful when I “Hollaback!” is the fact that others standing nearby never do or say anything. I mean, I don’t really expect anyone to be like, “hey, good for you, I support you” but the fact that there is never any reaction from anyone else makes me feel extra alone in this fight. Everyone always turns the other way, ignoring you like you’re just another crazy person yelling on the street.