“Why’s your dress so LONG?”

Harassed for the umpteenth time (this area is REALLY bad) walking past Seattle Lighting in Pioneer Square at 2nd Ave Ext. & Main. This time it was 3 dudes standing outside the Seattle Lighting building, catcalling and asking “why’s your dress so long?” (See!? Doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, they’ll find something to say!) I decided to experiment and call the cops on this one, as the men stayed where they were while I could get a safe distance away but keep an eye on them, and without them knowing what I was doing. The cops arrived fast, but not fast enough, as the guys eventually took the stairs down into the King Street train/bus station. What I did learn from the cop, though, is that if I had mentioned I was near a bus station, a different, closer sector of law enforcement would have been notified, and they could have helped me faster. So I’ll do that next time.

Of course, the guys never would have been truly punished (“freedom of speech” and they didn’t make threats or physically harm me) but a cop could have at least talked to them and maybe struck some fear into their hearts. And at least the men would have received the message loud and clear that women aren’t tolerating street harassment anymore.

All in all I’m glad I followed through to see what would happen if I got law enforcement involved, but, as I do every time I’m harassed, I still feel helpless. Cops can’t do anything about verbal harassment, and I can’t do much more than report it online without putting myself in danger or committing a crime myself (such as, going and kicking a harasser in the balls).

But, to end on a couple positive notes:

The officer I talked to WAS understanding and seemed to genuinely wish verbal street harassment was something he could do more about, so that was nice. I guess.

Also, I snapped a pic of these guys before walking away, and one of them- upon realizing what I was doing- tried to run and get out of the picture (the one in a dark green shirt), but I got ‘im! You’re mine now, betch!