“I’d wait ALL DAY for you”…GREAT.

Another street harasser who doesn’t seem to care that he’s REPRESENTING HIS BUSINESS while harassing people on the street. This man was pulling out of Miller Paint in Ballard into the street and had to wait for me to walk by. As I did, he yelled out the window, “I’d wait all day for someone beautiful as you!” Gee thanks… I think the fact that so many men don’t seem to care that they’re wearing company logos or DRIVING COMPANY VEHICLES says a lot. I think it shows how much they feel they can get away with it. That’s why it’s so important to start taking pictures, sharing stories, and reporting these incidents.

I took a picture of both the man and the logo on his car. Since I can only upload one photo, here’s info about the logo. It read “4ife Pain7ing LLC” (It was a really crappy logo…) I called the number and am pretty sure I just got the man who harassed me…said he’d “talk to” the driver. But I’m pretty sure he’s just a private contractor, possibly named Melvin, per the name on the car. He said his name was “Mel” and the driver was probably “DeAngelo.” Also can’t find a website or info about the business online.

It’s really exhausting trying to track down these people/their businesses…I can see why a lot of women feel it’s pointless and too much trouble and that we should just let it roll off our shoulders and carry on with life. But I don’t know how this will ever end if someone doesn’t put in the work, so, here I am.