Was that Street Harassment?

It’s hard to share your story about street harassment if you don’t know that you’ve experienced street harassment.

So, here’s a handy article from stopstreetharassment.org that helps define it.┬áThere is not yet an official, standardized definition, but here are a few, each of which is correct:



Here are just a few examples of verbal street harassment:

-the standard cat-call

-“Hey lesbos, give me a show!” shouted at two women walking down the street holding hands

-“Go back to where you came from, terrorist” murmured to a woman wearing a hijab on a train

-“Show me your tits” yelled at a woman walking down the street

-A man motioning for a woman to lift up her shirt as he drives by in his car


Currently in Seattle, things like this are considered “freedom of speech.” So it falls on us to share our stories to show local legislators- and the world- what a huge problem street harassment is. It may feel like a lot of extra work, and you may want to try to just brush it off. But, we promise that sharing your story helps create change and lowers the chances of future generations having to deal with street harassment.

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