Followed, Groped in Broad Daylight

So, I’m browsing kinokuniya waiting for some friends. I notice at the corner of my eye a man looking over at me multiple times. I try to shake off the annoyance and went to the magazine section. I’m reading a magazine when in the reflection of the magazine stand, I see the same man again. He’s pretending to look at the POP figurines, but I keep my eyes glued to his reflection. Just as I was about to move, I feel a hand touch my ass, and I immediately whipped around and yelled at him. I said “what the fuck are you doing? Get out of here!”. The kicker is, he just scoffed and walked out of the store. Mind you, this happened at 1pm and the store wasn’t empty by any means. I told the staff, but she just replied with “ok,ok,ok” Soooo yeah, i got groped at one of the safest places in Chinatown. Please, please be on the look out for each other!