Harassed near Fred Meyer, Ballard

Was walking back home from the Fred Meyer on 45th, and had to cross through a side street that had several cars and RV’s parked on it. As I walked by a guy sitting in his car, he said, “Hey baby” or something like that. I turned around and flipped him off and kept walking. But as I did, another guy from an RV parked across the street started walking toward me and said something like, “You didn’t need to do that. He couldn’t help it.” I stopped and said something about how yes he could “help it” (by keeping his damn mouth shut). Then the second guy got all faux-apologetic and said something like “Well I’m sorry I didn’t even hear what he said…” I then just said that he was disrespectful and as a human just trying to walk down the street in peace, I don’t deserve that. I told him to please talk to his friend (which I’m sure won’t happen) and kept walking.

Almost took a picture of the two men, but I was in a pretty isolated side street, and if they’d gotten mad about me snapping a picture, they probably could have grabbed me and thrown me in one of the RV’s. So felt it was best to keep moving. But the man who harassed me was sitting in a blue convertible, and the one who approached me after had on a red t-shirt that I think said “Georgia Bulldogs.” This was on a little side/cross street near 45th and 9th by Fred Meyer.

The prompt on this post also asks me to share how I’m feeling. Well, I’m feeling like a damn fool, honestly. Because even though I “Holla’ed” back and “reclaimed my space” by saying something to them, I still feel helpless because I’m pretty sure I didn’t suddenly make them respect women in that 10-second interaction. Wish the law or something was on my side so I could feel like justice gets served when things like this happen.