Leave My Ass Alone

There is a homeless shelter very close to where live that I pass by every day. Often, I get leers and comments about my body from the men hanging around outside of it as I pass. Today, one of them said, “damn, look at that ass” and I decided I’d had enough. I’d previously held back on walking inside the shelter to alert the staff because I either wanted to just carry on with my day or I felt bad that the men may have had a life experience that left them feeling disrespected by society and therefore they disrespect others. But at some point, I think you have to stand up for yourself and either fight this kind of thing with love or a good old fashioned just-scare-the-shit-out-of-em tactic. So today, I chose the latter and spun around to confront the guy. I asked him if he stayed at the shelter and asked if he wanted to continue staying at it, because if so, he can’t say and do things like that to people who pass by him. Then I took his picture and went inside to talk to the staff. They claimed they would help address the issue with him after I left. Hopefully they do.


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