Continuous Harassment- DESC Shelter

Another day, another time getting harassed outside the homeless shelter by my house. I understand that the men who stay there come from all different levels of privilege and education and in some cases, mental ability. But I strongly feel that if they’re able to target a female walking alone in front of them and harass her, they’re capable of knowing better or being educated to know better.

As of today, I’ve contacted several people in charge of the shelter about volunteering to help them set up street harassment education initiatives. I hope they reach back out and are willing to collaborate. If not, I’ll continue to escalate things on my own, likely with the police. On the shelter’s website, it says that they are committed to minimizing public disturbances, so I’m going to hold them to it the hard way if I have to.

I’ve been recording videos of the harassment lately, since it happens so often. Here’s today’s: