Indecent Exposure

I was returning to my car in the parking lot of my pharmacy, midday, and a man parked next to me called out. He was disabled and he asked me to assist him in putting his wheelchair together. It looked like he had his car and wheelchair set up so that he could put it together easily. But he was obviously disabled and it was daylight, so of course I began to help him. He kept trying to convince me to get closer to him, then I noticed that he had his shorts pulled down and his genitals were in full view. I just walked away, got in my car and left without saying anything because I did not want to waste any more time dealing with it. I really should have gone back in to the pharmacy and told them, and had them call the police, gotten his license plate, taken some action. But I was really upset and just left, and I still feel guilty. Now, whenever any man asks me for help, regardless of the situation, I get away as quickly as possible. I would call the police if I thought that the man was in danger. But, to tell the truth, I usually assume that it is bait. That level of cynicism makes me really sad.