Racha- Lower Queen Anne

Today I was walking past Racha (Thai restaurant) in lower Queen Anne, and a guy standing outside of it loudly said, “Good morning!” to me. I turned and looked to glare at him, because I knew it wasn’t a “good morning” greeting that he gives everyone. It’s one he gives to girls walking by themselves down the street to grab their attention. Whenever I tell people about these, “it’s not just hello” type stories, they always seem to see it from a very black and white standpoint. They say, “what’s wrong with saying hello?” or “that’s not illegal or threatening.” But the thing is, there’s a difference. I was in no way making eye contact with this man or crossing in his path in any manner that would make an interaction between us logical. That’s how you know that they’re not just “being polite.” Being polite is letting someone pass by you in peace, not feeling entitled to their attention and acting on it.