Harassed and Assaulted

I was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for my friends to show up, when a man came up to me and starting asking me to look at him and talk to him. I did not respond to him, so he proceeded to harass me, saying, “Oh, you think you’re too pretty to talk to me”. I continued to ignore him, while everyone else near me in the coffee shop also ignored the situation. He finally left the shop but I was sitting near a glass window. He knocked on the glass and I looked up (not knowing that it was him) and he took a photo of me. After this, I met up with my friends and we were standing outside. My friends were talking to someone on the street, asking for directions, when an older man can up behind me and groped my butt. I was in such shock that I did not react. I was pretty broken that day, feeling so intimidated and insecure. And for what? I just wanted to have a day out with my friends, just walking around and relaxing. Instead, I was belittled and made to feel small.