Metropolitan Market- QA

I was walking home from the grocery store at the intersection of Warren Ave and Roy St. in lower Queen Anne, and I started hearing, “hey! Hey you! How you doing!” behind me/to my left. At first I didn’t realize they were talking to me, and then I finally turned around. It was a male and female couple crossing the street toward me, but it was the man yelling at me. We weren’t even near each other when he started calling at me, and we certainly didn’t even make eye contact. I didn’t know the people, and it definitely wasn’t a normal, “hello” that you might say when you pass by someone.

I stopped and said it was rude to call out to people like that and force someone to pay attention to you. He then called me ugly and I threatened to call the police. He told me he’d beat my ass and then kept walking past me. So, I did call the police and described what happened and the direction the couple was headed. Maybe karma will get them.