Streamline Tavern- QA

This is actually my second post in a row, since I just got harassed twice on my walk home from the grocery store. I hate that sunny days in Seattle bring out the worse in people… just wanted to go to the store and back in peace and enjoy the nice weather.

Anyway, I was passing the Streamline Tavern in lower Queen Anne, and I walked by two men standing outside the door of the bar. They weren’t looking at me as I was coming up toward them. After I passed, though, I heard, “Hey, you you doing!” called out at me.

Again, we didn’t even make eye contact when I passed to merit a polite, “hello,” so this was definitely intended to grab my attention.

I turned around and asked them to please just let people walk in peace, and I said it was harassment to force yourself into someone’s attention like that.

As I was walking away, one of them said, “have a nice day, hope you die.” So I turned around again and just said, “Seriously? You’re going to say you wish someone will die because they asked for you to be more respectful?” After that they called me crazy and went into the bar.

I called the bar to tell them what had happened and described the men. They said they would do something about it, but you never know.