Instances on 3rd Ave

I have two instances of harrassmant in this spot on third avenue between Bell and Battery. I live in the building right by the bus stop, and once I was passing the bus stop and approaching my building and two men were coming towards me. They stopped talking to each other as they neared, and one guy, who had been giving me a sexual stare for yards while he was approaching me, did his best to corner/back me into the building while his friend just kept walking. Luckily I was small and able enough to dart out of his way and hurry to my building.

Another instance happened yesterday around 12pm as I was coming home from the movies with my partner. We weren’t holding hands. As soon as we got by the bus stop, two men stared at me so long and hard, their eyes dilated. I felt extremely unsafe, I grabbed my boyfriends hand. When we came inside I just cried. My boyfriend said that he saw what I saw, that it was disgusting, and said that its unfair that I have to deal with feeling unsafe in public. If I was alone, I definitely would’ve gotten hurt. This happens all the time. I dress down to prevent unwanted looks from men and even glares from other women! I feel bad about myself when I look good or dress nicely because others feel like they have agency over my body. I do NOT walk on third avenue if I can help it, if I do I change my routes to avoid crowds of loitering people. I carry mace and two different types of headphones so I don’t have to hear the obscenities being screamed at me.

When I was younger, I had a terrible habit of looking at the ground while I walked. As a college student I did my best to walk with my head high and shoulders back. As a small woman it makes us look older and more confident. Since I’ve started doing that, and have neared my mid 20s, I’ve felt actually less confident. It’s unsettling when literally everyone stares at you and you feel unsafe in public a lot of the time. I have a feeling I’m going to start looking at the ground again.