Do You F***?!?

Was walking down the street with my boyfriend. He was walking our 50 lb Pitbull, and I was walking our neighbors 15 lb Jack Russell. We got to the corner of Church Street, and my boyfriend continued walking straight as I took a left & continued walking down Church Street back towards our apartment (little doggos legs couldn’t quite keep up with the big dog!). A man approached me as soon as my boyfriend was on the next block (seemingly out of no where). He said to me (in a low voice), “Hey… Do you do IT?”… “Uhh… Do WHAT?” I asked, obviously confused…. he got closer & said, “You know… do you FUCK??” I looked at him in shock but got out the words, “Ummm no, you’ve got the wrong person”. I tugged the pups leash and walked away quickly, grabbing for my phone to call my boyfriend. I told my boyfriend what the man looked like & what had happened. He said he had seen him before in the neighborhood, and that he thinks that the guy may have some kind of mental issues. My heart was beating super fast as I walked double-time back to our apartment. I definitely won’t be walking alone again!!