Harassed at Home

On Thursday 4/29th/2021 late afternoon, while I was home alone after my long day from work while eating dinner. Someone knocked on the door very loud.

I peeked through the window and saw my neighbor Eric. I opened the door to see what he wants, then he stated to yelling me pointing his phone at my face “ Are you okay?” start video taping while his 4 years old daughter stand next to him. I did not know what he meant and want. I told him “ I am okay. Are you okay?”. Then he stated to yelling at me again, “ Are you okay!” So I told him to get off from my property. Then Eric started to yelling again in Spanish to insulting me. I still don’t know why he came over to harrassed and insulting me but to pick on us since we are the only minority in our neighborhood.

Since Covid-19 this is ongoing problem from him. He harrassed us continously. My wife is Korean and I am a Mexican decent. Last he put sign on his window saying ” Stay Home”. I want harassment to be stop. My wife is in fear hearing many incidents of hate crimes against Asian. and Scare for our child something bad can happend by him and his friends.