Violence Against Asian Americans

On February 29, 2020, shortly after Trump made it officially OK to hunt down and kill Asian Americans, my “son-in-law” , who is Asian, was randomly shot in the back and is currently paralyzed from the neck down. Instead of investigating the attempted homicide of my son-in-law the Portland Oregon Police, who have NOTORIOUSLY neglected gun violence and homicides in Portland, which currently has one of the HIGHEST UNSOLVED gun violence rates in the nation, began trying to investigate my son-in-law. In fear for his life and the life of my daughter and grandsons, HE REFUSED TO COOPERATE. On April 8, 2021, seven months after filing for Victim’s Compensation (VOCA) he was denied for refusing to cooperate with the Portland Police in apprehending his shooter!!! One year later my family still lives in constant fear of further harm. Yet, THIS is supposed to be justice?