Harassed in Belltown

I attended a show in Belltown by myself (because that’s something a woman should be safe to do without issue). After the show I went outside to order a Lyft back home, but the Lyft app would not load. I guess my phone had a bad connection in the area. After trying many times, I finally started to just walk in the direction of home and hope that the app would begin working. It never did, so I walked all the way home to lower Queen Anne. I’d done this in the past, but felt more uncomfortable during this COVID time because there are fewer people out in general and it leaves more openings for creeps to, well, be creeps. I was catcalled on my way, which was very scary because I wasn’t certain where the voice/whistle came from – I just knew it was nearby and facing my direction. Luckily nothing more happened but it just sucked not being able to get home without being harassed.