Category: Harassment Stories

Harassed @ Husky Rail Station

I was rapidly approached by a man at the husky stadium rail station on 10/3/21 and my husband stepped between us before he could hurt me. He was very aggressive and I have no idea what set him off or what his intentions were. Following my husbands intervention he immediately asked him what he was … Continued

Harassment at T.S. McHugh’s

I’m sharing this story on behalf of someone else. This person went out to a bar with her coworkers after a shift at the restaurant they work at. She’d changed clothes before meeting up with them, and one of the male coworkers made a comment about how he “wished she dressed more like that at … Continued

Harassed in Belltown

I attended a show in Belltown by myself (because that’s something a woman should be safe to do without issue). After the show I went outside to order a Lyft back home, but the Lyft app would not load. I guess my phone had a bad connection in the area. After trying many times, I … Continued

Gawked at During Orange Theory

I was at an Orange Theory class in Lower Queen Anne, which has big windows facing the sidewalk. A man came and stood at the window and was staring/making suggestive faces at two women who were using rower machines by the window. The women were clearly uncomfortable and moved off the machines to try to … Continued

Getting Home from Graveyard Shift

Was walking from my car to my apartment after getting home from work at 5 am. A man darted over to me out of nowhere, stood in my path amd berated me with questions such as “Where are you going?! And “Why aren’t you wearing a coat?!” As I walked away he followed continuing to … Continued

Violence Against Asian Americans

On February 29, 2020, shortly after Trump made it officially OK to hunt down and kill Asian Americans, my “son-in-law” , who is Asian, was randomly shot in the back and is currently paralyzed from the neck down. Instead of investigating the attempted homicide of my son-in-law the Portland Oregon Police, who have NOTORIOUSLY neglected … Continued

Cat-called While Biking

I was just setting out for a long bike ride which I was really looking forward to. I was feeling really good about getting out and exercising and the weather was beautiful. Unfortunately, someone thought it would be a good idea to shout at me and tell me how good I looked on the bike. … Continued

Physically Violated

I was only about a block from my home when I passed a man in his 70s-80s, resting in a wheelchair in front of his own building. I had seen him by his house several times, since we are neighbors, so when he waved to me, I smiled and said hello. He motioned me over … Continued

Harassed at Home

On Thursday 4/29th/2021 late afternoon, while I was home alone after my long day from work while eating dinner. Someone knocked on the door very loud. I peeked through the window and saw my neighbor Eric. I opened the door to see what he wants, then he stated to yelling me pointing his phone at … Continued

Do You F***?!?

Was walking down the street with my boyfriend. He was walking our 50 lb Pitbull, and I was walking our neighbors 15 lb Jack Russell. We got to the corner of Church Street, and my boyfriend continued walking straight as I took a left & continued walking down Church Street back towards our apartment (little … Continued