Category: Harassment Stories

Upper Queen Anne

I was walking my dog in the upper Queen Anne area when I paused to look down at a text message. When I looked up, a guy was standing there looking at me. I thought he wanted to say hi to my dog, and he did that. But then he looked up at me and … Continued

You ugly ass bitch

While walking down 3rd street, somewhere between Madison and Pike, a man was walking next to me and as he passed he said several times, “you ugly ass bitch.” I had had enough after the third time, so I walked up to him and looked him right in the eye to say, “Do you have … Continued

Instances on 3rd Ave

I have two instances of harrassmant in this spot on third avenue between Bell and Battery. I live in the building right by the bus stop, and once I was passing the bus stop and approaching my building and two men were coming towards me. They stopped talking to each other as they neared, and … Continued

Followed by police

I was driving on Auburn HWY18 and noticed a auburn police officer behind me, he then followed me, I got off free way going to a appointment to work with a troubled youth, thats my job, I turned right so did he, right again so did he, left to a store to see if he … Continued

Harassment in Pioneer Square

Tonight I was walking from work to the bus stop when A guy starting screaming derogatory things about my weight and being a bitch. He followed me about a block and when he tried to grab my hoodie i spit my gum at hum and ran down the escalator of the train tunnel and waited … Continued

Drive by

I was crossing S 200th street heading home when a man in a purple maroonish car pulled up and said things while looking at me. I cant remember what he said and he watched me walk into my yard. It’s also my first time.

531 Queen Anne Ave N

It was morning around 8 a.m. and I was walking past the bus stop area outside of CVS in lower Queen Anne (Mercer and Queen Anne Ave intersection). As I passed by a man, I heard him say, “Goooood morning” in that creepy, “I-just-spotted-a-delicious-piece-of-meat” kind of voice. I turned around and said, “That’s harassment, man, … Continued

Light Rail: Harassed & Stalked

I used to take the light rail and bus in Seattle to get to work. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t experience catcalling. One time a guy followed me in his car from the light rail station all the way to my apartment. That wasn’t even the crazy part either. That particular day I … Continued


Two men in a late seventies model camaro car drove past me first on the street I lived on, then again on the neighboring street, a third time on a cross street, where I hid behind a telephone pole and yard fence. I could hear the car on another nearby street. When they passed me … Continued

Streamline Tavern- QA

This is actually my second post in a row, since I just got harassed twice on my walk home from the grocery store. I hate that sunny days in Seattle bring out the worse in people… just wanted to go to the store and back in peace and enjoy the nice weather. Anyway, I was … Continued