Category: Harassment Stories

Metropolitan Market- QA

I was walking home from the grocery store at the intersection of Warren Ave and Roy St. in lower Queen Anne, and I started hearing, “hey! Hey you! How you doing!” behind me/to my left. At first I didn’t realize they were talking to me, and then I finally turned around. It was a male … Continued

Harassed and Assaulted

I was sitting in a coffee shop, waiting for my friends to show up, when a man came up to me and starting asking me to look at him and talk to him. I did not respond to him, so he proceeded to harass me, saying, “Oh, you think you’re too pretty to talk to … Continued

Queen Anne CVS- bus stop

At my usual morning bus stop, I saw a man leer at me out of the corner of my eye and thought I heard him say something to me. Once I was farther away I looked back and saw him staring. Another man was also there with him. Fast forward a couple minutes and the … Continued

Racha- Lower Queen Anne

Today I was walking past Racha (Thai restaurant) in lower Queen Anne, and a guy standing outside of it loudly said, “Good morning!” to me. I turned and looked to glare at him, because I knew it wasn’t a “good morning” greeting that he gives everyone. It’s one he gives to girls walking by themselves … Continued

Indecent Exposure

I was returning to my car in the parking lot of my pharmacy, midday, and a man parked next to me called out. He was disabled and he asked me to assist him in putting his wheelchair together. It looked like he had his car and wheelchair set up so that he could put it … Continued

Continuous Harassment- DESC Shelter

Another day, another time getting harassed outside the homeless shelter by my house. I understand that the men who stay there come from all different levels of privilege and education and in some cases, mental ability. But I strongly feel that if they’re able to target a female walking alone in front of them and … Continued

Leave My Ass Alone

There is a homeless shelter very close to where live that I pass by every day. Often, I get leers and comments about my body from the men hanging around outside of it as I pass. Today, one of them said, “damn, look at that ass” and I decided I’d had enough. I’d previously held … Continued

Link Light Rail

I had just gotten back from the airport after Thanksgiving, where a man had already called me a tramp in front of a group of people. On the ride back I felt extremely uncomfortable because I kept getting glances from men on the Link, and this lasted for an entire hour. When I got off … Continued

Repeat Offender

Verbal harassment EVERY time I walk by. Sexual invitations, comments about my body, and he calls me a bitch when I confront him.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

9/22/17 I was walking home around 8:30 on a Friday night in Ballard, and as I passed the O’Reilly Auto Parts on 15th, some guy in the parking lot started yelling “hello” at me. I kept walking, saying to myself that I was going to let this one go, just keep walking and carry on … Continued