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Repeat Offender

Verbal harassment EVERY time I walk by. Sexual invitations, comments about my body, and he calls me a bitch when I confront him.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

9/22/17 I was walking home around 8:30 on a Friday night in Ballard, and as I passed the O’Reilly Auto Parts on 15th, some guy in the parking lot started yelling “hello” at me. I kept walking, saying to myself that I was going to let this one go, just keep walking and carry on … Continued

Harassed near Fred Meyer, Ballard

Was walking back home from the Fred Meyer on 45th, and had to cross through a side street that had several cars and RV’s parked on it. As I walked by a guy sitting in his car, he said, “Hey baby” or something like that. I turned around and flipped him off and kept walking. … Continued

Followed, Groped in Broad Daylight

So, I’m browsing kinokuniya waiting for some friends. I notice at the corner of my eye a man looking over at me multiple times. I try to shake off the annoyance and went to the magazine section. I’m reading a magazine when in the reflection of the magazine stand, I see the same man again. … Continued

Treated Like a Piece of Meat

Last week, I was walking with a group of friends around 11pm when a man tried to get my attention by grabbing my shoulder and softly saying “hey.” I recognized him from a butcher shop that I shop at every few weeks. Although I was thrown off guard by how he approached me, I initially … Continued

Drive By

Got “Woo’ed” at from a car passing by, moments after getting catcalled by a mysterious source (see story titled “Ghost Harasser”).

Ghost Harasser

Even in “nice” neighborhoods… I was walking down the street and a catcall came at me from somewhere. Didn’t even see the person (also didn’t really stop and look around for the source for obvious reasons…I was walking around in a neighborhood alone and didn’t see anyone else nearby).

Hollaback! Bundle

Decided to go on a nice, long walk from Ballard to the REI store in South Lake Union. Along the way, I got catcalled, leered at, and “Heyy’ed” at least 3 times. Some man at a gas station that I passed between Ballard and Fremont also said, “I never seen nothin’ like that…” as I … Continued

Morning Cup of Racism

Telling this story on behalf of my friend and coworker. She was riding the bus into work downtown one morning. A woman sat down beside her and started heavily leaning into my friend, encroaching on her space to the point where my friend said her arm started hurting. Eventually, my friend asked the woman to … Continued

Ageism on the D Line

I was sitting next to a man on the Rapid Ride D Line bus, going up 3rd Ave from downtown to Ballard, and this guy (visibly drunk or on something, not that that’s an excuse to be an asshole) kept leaning over and saying to the man, “You’re old. You’re a coward. You’re ugly.” The … Continued