Local Organizations:

  • Gay City – Gay City promotes wellness in LGBTQ communities by providing health services, connecting people to resources, fostering arts, and building community.
  • Cair-Seattle – CAIR-Seattle’s mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, and promote justice and mutual understanding.
  • NOW Seattle –Seattle NOW’s goal is to take action to bring about equality and justice for women.


  • Hollaback! Detroit’s Anti-Harassment Cards – set of 10 printable anti-street harassment cards in PDF format
  • Hollaback! Detroit’s Active Bystander Cards – set of 10 double-sided printable cards outlining the Four Ds of bystander intervention
  • Hollaback! – international anti-street harassment non-profit and movement with local sites; also has a phone app and a blog where you can record and share your experiences with street harassment as well as online harassment
  • Stop Street Harassment – international anti-street harassment organization which has research, resources, and a section for male allies
  • Stop Telling Women to Smile – website for the art series by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh that is comprised of portraits of women captioned with messages against street harassment
  • Cards Against Harassment – printable business cards with messages against street harassment and body shaming that can be passed out to perpetrators
  • Meet Us on the Street – website for International Anti-Street Harassment Week, which occurs each April
  • Where Our Boys At? – Tool kit with resources for teaching young men how to be allies for young women
  • Social Media Hashtags – some hashtags to follow for more information on street harassment include: #YouOKSis, #EndSH, #YesAllWomen, #NotJustHello, #DudesGreetingDudes, #harassmentis



  • War Zone (1998) by Maggie Hadleigh-West
  • The Line (2010) by Nancy Schwartzman
  • 678 (2010) by Mohamed Diab